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Our WFH paper is now the most-read article in EJIS

We are so thrilled to find out that our paper titled 'An affordance perspective of team collaboration and enforced working from home during COVID-19' is the most read article in the European Journal of Information Systems.

In this article, we used the affordance theory to reveal knowledge workers' experience during the COVID-19 lockdown. I believe many of us have a lot to say during this period of time. Although remote e-working is nothing new, the COVID-enforced lockdown brings in new insights into the way we work and communicate in the future. We still miss the small talks in physical meetings and tea rooms. We still sometimes forgot to unmute/mute the microphone during the meeting. And we are all missing a lot about the seamless conversations that we can all speak at the same time. But for some colleagues who are normally working from home, the COVID-19 enforced lockdown provides an opportunity for them to finally join the team meetings, after-work drinks and social events. We think that is brilliant, and the teams should really utilise the technologies to include those previously marginalised workers in the post-COVID workplace.

Our article is recently featured in AIS in Practice. There are some take-away points, I hope they are useful.

Looking forward, I truly believe COVID-19 provide a transformational opportunity and turning point of the working practices. It probably shows us we can get rid of many unnecessary and costly practices, and still do the job just fine. Having said that, I believe many will return back to the office in the future, as we still miss the 'social contacts', but maybe, in different forms.

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